T-11: Making friends with risotto


One of the things I most regret from the time I spent at my last two schools was not making an effort to socialze more with my faculty colleagues. Of course, we’re all busy and in day schools, we often live quite far apart. But in boarding school, we are all neighbors, and so I’ve made it a point to try to have dinner with as many of my colleagues as possible. Since we’ve arrived, I’ve arranged 10 dinners, mostly at my place. Tonight was another one with our mentors, who are fast becoming friends. 

As a new faculty, its easy to feel like you need to wait to be invited to socialize with colleagues, and often we are all so busy this invite never happens. So this is my encouragement to jump right in and start making the social life in your new place that you wish to have. And if you need something to cook, here’s an easy and yummy vegan risotto. 


About John Burk

The ramblings of a physics teacher.
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