T-10: Beyond the paper planner with Planbook


I don’t think I can say enough good things about Planbook, the most amazing lesson planning software written by Jeff Hellman. This software looks exactly like that old paper planner you might still be using, except now, when class is unexpectedly cancelled by snow, or your lesson runs too long and into the next day, you don’t need to scratch out lessons and fill your planner with scribbles, you can simply cancel the whole day and bump the lesson until the following day. And unlike a paper planner, you can attach all the documents, slide decks, and web links for your lesson to the program, so that they’re right there when you need them. 

Jeff is an awesome guy and former physics teacher. He is also phemonenal about supporting his product—responding to requests for help via twitter, and adding requested features in less than five minutes.Really, I can’t recommend this software enough. 



About John Burk

The ramblings of a physics teacher.
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