T-8: Web Ninja training

Screen Shot 2012 08 27 at 10 02 18 PM

In the midst of the rather hectic run up to school, I asked if I could offer the Websurfing Ninja training I designed and delivered at my previous school. The session went went well, and though it was a bit rushed, people told me they learned a lot from the session.

This got me thinking—what if we totally changed the opening week of school around not to focus on delivering information about bloodborne pathogens, defensive deriving and reminders to follow up with parents within 24 hours, but instead to focus on teaching and learning. What if we invited faculty to deliver lessons to the rest of the faculty that they thought would be useful. You’d probably still need to find a way to get in all those details (I’d like to think an email could suffice for many of them), but I think this new focus could really help to put faculty in the right mindset for thinking starting the school year.


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