T-7: The Great Conversation

2012 08 28 20 52 41

This book came in the mail for me today. It was recommended by our Academic Dean and something I’ve been meaning to read myself since I saw Richard Hersh on the Colbert Report.

Already this book has introduced me to an idea that I will use in my conversation with students. Hersh talks of the “Great Conversation—the continuing ages old discussion among liberally educated about the large over-arching questions of life itself—who are we? Why are we here? What does it mean to be human? What is our relationship to nature, the universe, the past and the future? What matters?”

Previously I’ve written about how I see the job of a teacher as a mentor who helps students begin to explore the “world of ideas” but I like the idea of the Great Conversation so much more, and am looking forward to discussing this idea with my students.


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