T-6: Calendar overload

Screen Shot 2012 08 29 at 10 17 00 PM

One of my big pet peeves is the paper “calendar” that is just a list of dates, which I must then devote time to manually entering into my computer in order to have a real calendar. These “calendars” are a ubiquitous part of every school I’ve ever worked at. At a boarding school, with all its duties—dorm duty, dinner duty, weekend duty, ER driver duty, and on and on—there are enough of these “calendars” to make me lose my mind.

This is one of those problems that screams for a computational solution to me. A piece of paper isn’t a calendar, and as a member of weekend duty group 1, I have no interest in calendar information related to duty group 3. Why can’t I just have one electronic calendar that was a personal duty calendar, continuously updated as inevitable changes are made to these calendars through the year? Such a calendar could easily be imported into your calendar program of choice—google calendar, iCal, Outlook, whatever, and even remind you automatically of upcoming duties.

Sounds like a great computer science project, no?


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