T-4: Auspens!


Today I discovered that my department chair had ordered a set of Auspen refillable whiteboard markers for me and a number of extra markers for my students. If you’ve never seen them before, Auspens are refillable dry erase markers—when the ink runs out, you simply unscrew the top, and put in a few drops of ink, reseal the marker and you’re back to writing. They’re wonderful, not too expensive ($1.50/marker), and so much better for the planet than disposable markers. They also don’t smell bad either.

One bit of caution. If you do get these markers you’ll need to get in the habit of recapping them when you finish wiring, and developing some good marker care and feeding habits among your students. See Kelly O’Shea’s post on marker buckets for some pro tips for marker care.


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2 Responses to T-4: Auspens!

  1. I’m loving my Auspens! Thanks to you and Kelly for introducing them to me. I’m finding that “a few drops” isn’t terribly accurate, though. Was that just cause the ones I inherited were dried up? Seemed like it took more like 30 drops and a new nib to bring ’em back.

    Oh, and FWIW, you left some interesting mangled ones in your old (now MB’s) room. Still not sure if your kids ran them over or chewed on them.

    • John Burk says:

      I think the package lists the number of drops to refill a pen as 20, and it is a good idea to never let them dry completely out. It turns out the pens are quite vulnerable to freshmen dropping them on the ground and then stepping on them.

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