T-3: What the Best College Students Do


I don’t want to make this a What I’m Reading blog, but I keep finding excellent books, so I’m going to post one more. What the Best College Students do is an outstanding follow up to Ken Bain’s excellent book, What the Best College Teachers Do. This book contains insights from dozens of interviews with highly successful and creative people and strives to promote “deep, passionate, joyous and creative learning.” Obviously, I think it’s going to be an excellent resource for advising and developing a metacognitive curriculum.

Here’s one of the most powerful quotes I’ve read thus far:

Discussing what growth means to different students…

To only a few, Barker concluded, “growth is the discovery of the dynamic power of the mind.” It is discovering yourself, and who you are, and how you can use yourself. That’s all you have. Baker emphasized that in all of human history, no one has ever had your set of body chemistries and life experiences. No one has ever had a brain exactly like yours. You are one of a kind. You can look at problems from an angle no one else can see. But you must find out who you are and how you work if you expect to unleash the power of your own mind.


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