T-2: A senior moment

I think you can tell a lot about the culture of a school from the opening school meeting and how seniors view themselves (or not) as leaders of a school. This past week, I’ve witnessed the most astounding approach to senior leadership at my school. All seniors came back early—before sports camps to do intensive work on leadership and to discuss the work they are going to do to improve the culture of the school. Today, as the rest of the student body was moving into the dorms, seniors took on the heaving lifting, literally, helping students carry their belongings to their dorm rooms, giving their little brothers and sisters tours of the campus, and volunteering in countless other ways. This video, the very first moment of our first all-school meeting captures the sprit of what a school culture can be. Seniors, joyously celebrating—not the end of their high school careers, or the fact that they only have one more year to go until college, but instead, “building up” the culture of the school, with a spirit of selfless giving that is truly refreshing to see. And I’m really sorry for the vertical video syndrome—I was too caught up in the excitement to capture this moment properly.


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