T-1: Ropes course and rain


It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in outdoor leadership activities, but today I was reminded of just how wonderful these actives are for students developing skills of truly working at a team and overcoming challenges that at first seem insurmountable. Today, I watched and helped my team navigate a series of low ropes obstacles that required way more teamwork and problem solving that almost all of the tests and assignments I’ve given in class. And despite the fact that we spent a good part of the day in a torrential downpour, I never heard a single complaint.

And since I’m new to my old school, I got to meet a bunch of my students for the first time, which got me thinking that this is really how I should be meeting all of my students—why can’t we start with a day spent pushing ourselves to overcome physical challenges by working together, teachers and students. I think this could lead to a marked difference in the classroom.


About John Burk

The ramblings of a physics teacher.
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