Day 12: Frosty Run

IMG 1480

How’s this for a bizarre weekend event for a high school… load up 7 buses with 40 screaming students chanting “FROSTY, FROSTY, FROSTY.” Drive 15 miles to the nearest Wendy’s. Have students get off the bus, grab a frosty and spend a saturday night chilling at Wendys and chanting about Frosties. And then when everything is done, student clean up the restaurant to immaculate shape, leave a big tip for the Wendy’s staff and board the bus back to Middletown.

This is the Frosty Run. A 20 year tradition at my school that draws near 100% participation on a Saturday night. If you describe this event to the typical teenager at many of the other schools I’ve taught at, I don’t think they could even comprehend how boring and dumb riding a bus to a fast food restaurant on a Saturday night sounds. But in the hands of students imbibed with the Ethos of my school, it’s more fun than you can imagine, which just goes to show that with the right student culture, you can make anything fun. You can see just how much my school cherishes this tradition if you watch the video announcement that a number of seniors created.


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