Day 13: Scavenger Hunt

2012 09 16 17 08 18

Today was the conclusion of the first ever scavenger hunt at my school, an event that I helped to organize. We only had one team compete, but boy did they compete—finding 42 out of the 70 items on the list. They wrote an original song in honor of a history teacher and crew coach, a sonnet to the wife of the headmaster and English Department chair, a 200 word summary of a lecture on a leaf, and so much more. The 5 students who competed said they had the best time, and found themselves having so many conversations with faculty as they tried to track down the esoteric items on the list.

So I’m chalking this event up as a success, and will have these 5 students be the team that helps me to plan the next scavenger hunt.


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One Response to Day 13: Scavenger Hunt

  1. Kate Nichols says:

    For the last two years, I’ve done a physics photo scavenger hunt during the last couple weeks of school and then compiled all the student photos into a slide show that I show on one of the last days of class. It has been a massive hit amongst my students. I’d be interested in knowing what the items on your list were…

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