Day 17: Discoveries in the express lane

IMG 1501

On a recent assessment, I gave my Algebra II Honors students Dan Meyer’s grocery data to see what sense they could make of it. After the assessment, I showed them how this analysis led to multiple chances at fame for Dan.

I thought it would take a lot longer for my students math skills to help them find their own chances at fame, but when I mentioned this problem to our school’s communication director, he asked if he could share the assessment with the parent and alumni community in a weekly newsletter, and he asked if I might be able to get a student to put together a short video explaining the solution (and why express lines are one of the world’s greets lies). Here’s my first volunteer working his way through the explanation which ultimately became a 90 explication of the problem.

I really like the idea of giving the wider school community specific examples of the things we’re doing in class, along with the tools we’re using to measure progress, and I love the idea of getting students to have a larger platform than just the classroom to share their newfound understanding with the wider world.


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