Day 21: Free day

IMG 1531

A free day is a day where the headmaster decides on a whim that it’s much too nice a day to sit inside in school, and gives everyone the day off to go outside and play, and later catch up on work. It’s hard to describe how much these days do to help enliven the spirit of a school and reduce stress. The campus today seemed to be humming with students relaxing and having fun, followed by some pretty serious work sessions in the afternoon.

I also think a free day is the sort of thing that could be tremendously valuable at a day school, but of course, the idea of simply canceling classes is probably a non-starter for parents who might wonder what to do with children who don’t have school. So why not make it a free day to explore the campus? Sure, many schools plan such days well in advance, and I’m sure they’re appreciated, but I can imagine a spontaneous day where students and faculty learn that morning that they’re going to spend the day playing games, exploring campus and relaxing would be well received by just about everyone.


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