Day 38: Tennis ball sculptures

IMG 1594

Today was an awesome day in Algebra II Honors. After building a model for a free falling object by studying a falling basketball, students worked out how to arrange tennis balls on a fishing line so that they would appear to look like a strobe photograph of a falling ball. I’ll definitely be writing up all of this on my main blog soon.

At one point, a colleague came in and said “you’re having way too much fun in here for a math class.” The great thing is that there’s so much more fun to come—this is just the first phase in our efforts to build our own Ana Soler sculpture on our classroom.

IMG 1595

IMG 1588


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2 Responses to Day 38: Tennis ball sculptures

  1. jg says:

    What’s the easiest way to solidly attach the tennis balls to the fishing line?

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