Day: T-10: Feedback and the running habit

I’ve picked up a new habit of running every day, and I’ve kept it up for 27 days. At the beginning, I could barely jog 15 minutes, and now, I find myself feeling like I’ve still got energy left after half an hour, and am now starting to dip my toes into interval training. It’s amazing how much better I now feel with a regular exercise habit and a few dietary changes. I feel happier and more energetic throughout the day. I’m certainly not any sort of speed demon, but I had a blast running my town’s 5k a week ago, and look forward to finding a longer race to train for.

I credit a couple of things with this change. One is going to a running speciality store to trade in my 7 year old cross trainer shoes for some shoes that fit and are matched to how I run. The second is the instant feedback I’m getting from Runkeeper and my Polar Heart Rate Monitor. I can design custom runs and then get detailed feedback on my route, pace and heartbeat throughout my run.

It makes me wonder what the equivalent of Runkeeper and a heart rate monitor are for learning physics.

IMG 0914

IMG 0915


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