Day T-8: Evangelizing Evernote

Today I offered a 1 hour session on using Evernote, and got a pretty tremendous response and got more than a dozen people to come to learn more about this program. Here are a couple things that I think made this session particularly good:

  • I’m not in the technology department. One faculty member commented on how it is useful to learn about technology from those not in the technology department, and in general, I’d love to create a teachers helping teachers atmosphere in my school around technology.
  • We had users of all abilities in the session. I’m incredibly thankful both to the courageous novice computer users who showed up to learn something new, and the handful of power users already familiar with Evernote who came to learn a tip or two and ended up helping others.
  • We had a student with us. It was great to have a recent college graduate and alum of the school in on the conversation, giving many of us a window into how she uses technology.
  • There was immediate follow up. A simple google survey sent out afterward makes sure that participants get that question answered they didn’t get a chance to ask, and gives me lots of ideas on ways to improve future sessions.

During the session, I also shared this Evernote notebook I’ve curated of tips and tricks.

Screen Shot 2013 08 26 at 9 45 01 PM

Screen Shot 2013 08 26 at 9 51 29 PM


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