Day T-7: A better refillable marker and eraser

I’ve used the Auspen refillable markers for 4 years now. I even got my previous school’s science department to make a complete switch to them. These pens are good, but they also are pretty finicky. Students have to be careful not to leave them uncapped, and if you aren’t careful the refilling process can be a bit messy. It also seems to me that the newer batches markers have just generally gotten a bit worse in terms of quality.

So thanks to a great tip from Josh Gates, I’ve discovered the Pilot V Board Master Refillable Markers, and after experimenting with a set, I can say they are far superior to the Auspens. The principle advantage of the Pilot markers is that they make a nice “juicy” line. The refilling process is also cartridge based, rather than having to put in drops of ink.

IMG 0838

Here’s a side by side comparison:

Screen Shot 2013 08 27 at 10 54 20 PM

Also, I’ve discovered the most awesome dry erase eraser every. The SkyBrush sT eraser is made up of a series of plastic bristles that do an amazing job cleaning a dry erase board (they even get some of the dry erase haze left behind other erasers), and they can be easily cleaned just by running the eraser under the faucet. The erasers are expensive ($25 each), but they are superior to everything else I’ve tried—plus it’s the first dry eraser I’ve seen that has its own case.

IMG 0842


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