Day T-3: Dorm Decorating

I was on duty Saturday night and we’re decorating the dorm for the arrival of the new students tomorrow morning. That meant tracking down the Star Wars Font for this Yoda quote.

IMG 0975

Also, one of my favorite things we do is the “I am from poem…”, an exercise I got from Beverly Tatum.
We ask each new boy to complete the following poem:

I am From Poem

I am from

Familiar sights, smells, sounds of your home or neighborhood

Familiar foods, especially those associated with family gatherings or other special occasions

Familiar sayings, often heard when growing up

Familiar people (ancestors, family members, friends) who have been important to you in the past.

Here’s one from the dorm:

IMG 0976

Here’s mine, from ages ago:

Mr. Burk

I am from Memphis, the wide Mississippi river, and the Peabody ducks.

I am from Legos and Tinker Toys, chemistry sets, microscopes and model railroads.

I am from Atlanta, muggy summer afternoons, and warm southern accents I never picked up.

I am from Durham, North Carolina, Cameron Stadium, gothic classrooms, and physics labs filled with gadgets of every description.

I am from Middletown, Delaware. The best sunsets you’ll ever see, beautiful cornfields, and star-filled nights.

I am from mac ‘n cheese, mashed potatoes and Maw’s apple pie.

I am from ‘It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,’
‘don’t make me tell you twice’, ‘don’t count your chickens’
and ‘itchin’

I am from inspiration taken from scientists everywhere—Isaac and Albert, Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin.

I am from John and Mary, Maw and Paw, Big Daddy and Nanny.


About John Burk

The ramblings of a physics teacher.
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