Day 14: Malletball is a hit

Mallet Ball was a ton of fun. It turns out all it took was adding a few rules, laying down a course, and making it a game to transform a somewhat dull worksheet into a real adventure. After a few time trials we had a great time sitting down and testing various physics strategies—how does the ball behave in the no touch zone? What is the best way to stop it in the very small end zone?

IMG 1157

Here are the rules I used, which I modified from Matt Greenwolfe, who adapted rules from Mike Turner.

Official Broom Ball Rules & Regulations from the USMBA:

The object of the game is to navigate the course from start to finish in as little time as possible (avoiding time penalties!)

  • Players must only touch the bowling ball by repeatedly striking it with the rubber mallet. Touching the bowling ball with anything else will result in a 20 second time penalty!
  • Bowling ball must start from rest in the Start box. Bowling ball must be brought to rest at the end in the End box.
  • Any ball moving across the side boundary of the “No Touch Zone” must be brought back to the beginning of that “No Touch Zone” and must successfully navigate that zone before proceeding.
  • Minimum of 3 players per team:
    • Player 1 must move the ball from the Start box, through the first “No Touch Zone”, and completely around the first obstacle.
    • Player 2 will receive the ball from player 1 and move it through the second “No Touch Zone” and around the turn.
    • Player 3 will receive the ball from player 2, move it through the 3rd no “No Touch Zone”, and completely around the third obstacle.
    • If a 4th player is available, they will take the ball from player 3, move it to the “Start” box, and bring it to rest. If no 4th player is available, the 3rd player must accomplish this task.
  • Penalties:
      10 seconds ‐ Ball moves across side border of “No Touch Zone”

    • 10 seconds – Ball is touched inside of “No Touch Zone”
    • 10 seconds – Ball touches any wall, door, cabinet, or cabinet leg in the classroom
    • 20 seconds – Ball is touched by player using something other than the mallet in a tapping fashion.

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