Day 19: Science Club Breakthrough

At last week’s science club, we had one girl show up. This has happened before, and every time, it saddens me. Lots of girls tell me that they want to come to the meeting, but somehow they don’t end up making it. But last week, this one student, A, and I brainstormed up ways we could start to fix this problem. We thought of all sorts of things from starting a girls coding club, to having a girls only open house just before the science club meeting, which is exactly what we did this Saturday—A recruited 8 girls to come to the meeting at 3pm, and they set out working on learning how to use the 3D printer, playing the awesome game LightBot, discussing plans to build an underwater robot and more. By the time 4pm rolled around and a few more guys showed up, the place was hopping with energy and the girls had set themselves up as masters of the 3D printer and were explaining to a few boys how it worked.

This feels like a big step in the right direction.

IMG 1176



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