Day 2: Whiteboard collections

We had our first board meetings in both of our classes today. Honors physics was debriefing a modified buggy lab we are doing using Scribblar2 robots, and Intro Physics did a sort of halftime whiteboarding session to discuss our work on the batteries vs peanuts experiment. In both cases, I was reminded of just how amazing it is to see students who are swimming in confusion come together in a board meeting, compare ideas, and develop new understanding together, along with a host of additional questions.

I’m going to try to be more intentional about collecting whiteboards this year, so for lack of a better system, I’m going to post them here in two galleries. If you’re interested, I’ve got some class video here as well of each of these discussions.

Honors Physics

Intro Physics


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2 Responses to Day 2: Whiteboard collections

  1. Lindsay says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. As someone who hasn’t been to a modeling workshop this is great! Would you be willing to share the package/handout your students have and are referring to?

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