Day 3: First assignments and Introducing CS with a disaster

This year, I asked my students to write a short reflection piece on what they learned after the buggy robot lab. I was amazed by a few of the responses. Here’s one:
Re Reflection of Experiment SAS

I’m trying to focus on giving feedback that will push my students’ thinking, and entice them to follow up. Along those lines, I’m also thinking about having some sort of metacognative lesson about how students should use feedback to get better.

Today was also the first day of Computer Science 1, and we opened the class with the person finder activity I found in this excellent paper. Asking students to put themselves in the role of aid workers and devise a protocol for how you would reunite people with their family members turned out to be a great activity—I think it helped show students that Computer Science deals with far more important issues than my old “make a PB&J sandwich” used to show, and it creates some very rich discussions. Plus, it’s a problem where some great computer scientists have made tremendous contributions in Google Person Finder.

Here are the slides I used for the presentation


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